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Welcome to the home of the United States Army Special Operations Command!

If you would like to switch to the weapons squad/ another role inform your teamleader 

Accepting Applications for the 10thSFG (Must be Spc or above)

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4 days ago Tompow6 just joined our community, welcome!
4 days ago Noob just joined our community, welcome!
27th Jul Slate0422
Good Job 75th on a job well executed
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3rd Aug Slate0422
Solid job 75th, well executed tonight
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9th Aug Slate0422
Just a Wednesday throw together OP
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10th Aug Slate0422
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9th Aug Andrew.M
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10th Aug S Leversedge just joined our community, welcome!
9th Aug B.Grylls
Heads up ladies and gents, i'm offering my services for Mission Making, if you want to run a mission you have in mind, i'm happy to make it for you and if need be, give you a run down of basic Zeusing; then you can run the mission. Spread the word.
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5th Aug kovael just joined our community, welcome!
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