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Welcome to the home of the United States Army Special Operations Command!
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Doing what we do best...
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30th Sep B.Grylls
I've given up a lot of time to this - so you guys better make use of it.
If you look at the file browser in the mission maker channel in our teamspeak, you'll see the "Mission Template" Folder.
This has a tutorial file (text file) with links to google docs explaining it all in bitesize chunks. Including how to get the template in your game files so you can access it in the editor and copy and paste from it.
It will take you ten minutes to get it in place - and from there you will be able create missions to a good base standard much quicker; and you'll have access to almost all I know.
So you won't need to watch Youtube tutorials and spend hours guessing your way to find how to do things.
Any suggestions or requests, and I will help grow/improve this so every mission is better quality for less effort.
You are welcome.
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10th Sep Slate0422
A little dedication to our air members

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26th Aug Slate0422
A little Halo training...
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