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Welcome to the home of the United States Army Special Operations Command!Joint Op in the works based around the black hawk down incident. Some things are in the works but the date is more than likely going to take place around the 3rd or of August. Mod list will be made available beforehand 



If you would like to switch to the weapons squad/ another role inform your teamleader 

Accepting Applications for the 10thSFG (Must be Spc or above)

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3 days ago B.Grylls
I'm just going to put this here; I'd like to see your thoughts (yes everyone's).
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1 day ago Izen just joined our community, welcome!
3 days ago Slate0422
Great OP tonight guys, well done!
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2 days ago B.Grylls
Well done to those who came to the medical training. You now know all you need to know about Self Aid and Stabilising; you also understand the standard protocol we put in place for communication and tactical situations regarding medical status and taking hits.
You have also practised multiple scenarios involving these practises and can now envelope them into Operations.
EVERYONE WHO COULDN'T MAKE IT OR DECIDED NOT TO COME; I can organise another run through again and again until I have ALL GROUND INFANTRY UNITS ticked off my list. (Those who already attended do not have to re-attend).
The Unit is only effective in Operations when we are all on the same page, so approach me before I hunt you down.
You'll be glad to know that those who attended enjoyed the training and provided good honest constructive criticism that will form better and better training.

Thank you.
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4 days ago MikeAngel just joined our community, welcome!
4 days ago Mingoia just joined our community, welcome!
5 days ago B.Grylls
Currently working on a Medical Training/Course. To be run on a Saturday; aiming for this Saturday but i've been very busy this week and won't have much spare time other than the op on Friday.
Once this is done I will run through it 1 on 1 with new recruits in the future.
If there is anything aside from the basics you'd like to see, please let me know ASAP.
As it stands I am attempting to minimise Theory and maximise Practical; running through scenarios. I also don't want to take up too much of your time, currently aiming for an hour.
I'd like to see as many people there as possible; even if you are experienced members of the group.
I will ask that we have a mini debrief where you will tell me at least one thing that will improve the training, from education or entertainment perspectives.
Thank you,

- ya boi Grylls
5 days ago AJ Wages just joined our community, welcome!
25th Jun B.Grylls
Mission "15 Minutes of Fame" fixed and ready for Friday
PBO Re-uploaded.
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22nd Jun B.Grylls
Mission named "15 Minutes Of Fame" is ready for Next Week (unless someone wants that slot).
The PBO file has been uploaded to Teamspeak.
Mission Briefing: ... _MbELQYBFYCiSq0/edit
If anyone has issues viewing this doc, or questions about the mission, please leave a comment.
Key Notes for the Mission:
Map = Esseker
Night Phase into Day Phase.
Spawn points will be available as you progress, be smart about where you spawn, TP availability will be limited.
I'll be adding enemies for the Day Phase as you progress through the Night Phase (For FPS)
Night Phase Air Asset will be a UAV Drone for direct intelligence support to teams on the ground; this can be 2 Pilots, or 1 Pilot and Redcon if you want. Day Phase Air Asset will be Pilot's choice (If I know in advance that would be really helpful)
Great opportunity to use a sniper team (2 min/4 max), optional task to use this.
Task notifications will appear to keep everyone on
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